Thanks for your interest in learning more about us.

Rich Care Dubai is your destination for contact lenses in the Middle East.

Rich Care Dubai is a registered company established in early 2003 to provide a high quality contact lens shop.

We at Reach Care Dubai pledge to provide the best contact lens products and cosmetics at competitive prices.

We do not do our work at Rich Care Dubai for business alone! But we are passionate about the beauty world.
As always, the company started with a simple idea of ​​trading contact lenses in order to go shopping online. Soon after, the idea developed and today we are a team of young professionals working to serve contact lens dealers in the Middle East.


Executive Director of the Al Khaleej region

I am Emad Lotfi, Head of Rich Care for the Arabian Al Khaleej for contact lenses.

The beginning of 1995 marked the period when barriers between countries were removed and contact lens markets were opened. At the beginning of the company’s practical journey, which coincided with the same period, we had a great passion for launching a selection of contact lenses developed by Reach Care Dubai, And a clear vision and vision when using contact lenses, and then became an active part of the GCC market to provide high-quality contact lenses.

Director of Sales and Marketing in the Khaleej region

I am Mohammed Al Sherbini, Sales and Marketing Officer at Rich Care Dubai Khaleej region.

I am pleased to speak to you on behalf of the company’s team and on my own behalf. I would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of Rich Care Dubai from employees, clients and anyone who put their trust in us. We are number one in the Middle East contact lens business. Through the provision of the best products of high quality, and we will continue to do more to extend the bridges of confidence in our products among our valued customers.