Us know the advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses

Know with us the advantages of contact lenses flaws, where contact lenses are divided into two types: soft and hard, each with advantages and disadvantages. There are also cases of inability to wear lenses. Specialist lenses lenses German Hans Joerg Atzlr says it could be argued that -amoma- solid lenses fit the eye more than the soft, where at least solid for soft lens size, and then the supply of oxygen to the eye better when wearing them.
It is advisable Atzlr, a member of the German Association of specialists contact lenses in Friedberg, who has the freedom of choice, to choose solid lenses.
German ophthalmologist George Eckert said he often prefers apostates type soft contact lenses for steel.
And accounts for Eckert, a member of the German Association of Ophthalmologists in Dusseldorf, saying that the reason for that feeling increasingly comfortable when you wear soft lenses more than solid.
Atzlr and attributed this to what it usually human needs for a long period of time to acclimate to the solid lenses in his eyes, as the first one feels as if wearing a foreign body inside.

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