Magazine «global progress» celebrated founder of optics Sciences

General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations declared in its 68 December 20 (December 2013) that the year 2015 will carry the label «International Year of Light». With the beginning of the current year, it launched a variety of events centered on the theme of light. And saw «UNESCO» exhibition bore the name «1001 Inventions» sought to highlight the greatest Arab scholars in their respective fields, it is Ibn al-Haitham, who founded the science of optics.

In this regard, the magazine «scientific progress» issued by «the Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science», a file in an expanded edition of the summer of the current year, which has been prepared, for «International Year of Light» and al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham. He began the file with an article by Dr. other imprint G in which he referred to the optics known to the Arabs as «landscape Science», and took the Muslims some of the parties that the flag of the former Greek, Kakulaids author of the book «the corresponding difference», translated by nostalgia Ben Yitzhak and corrected Thabit ibn Kara. As well as scientists thousand Muslims in that area, and Kalknda Razi and Ibrahim ibn Sinan. It did not take the science of optics designated scientific but actually at the hands of big stature fathoms of science is Ibn al-Haitham.

Not later than Ibn al-Haytham, an eye doctor and veteran physicist in optics, to recognize the error «Beam», which says that the vision process occurs due to the exit beam conical head at the eye and its base when the body sighted theory.

And called Ibn al-Haytham mistake theory «Beam owners» according to what was also nominated, especially Euclid and Ptolemy and Hayahma of the Stoics. And the Ibn al-Haytham that vision process being the reflection of light from the body, then the entry of the beam from an object to the eye. And it presented evidence that it is impossible to see the sound eye objects in complete darkness. Ibn Sina agreed with the Peronist and the Ibn al-Haytham.

Ibn al-Haytham spoke also about the clarity of vision, and the realization of darkness and shadows, and the conditions of validity of vision and eye disorders and others. And the development of Ibn al-Haytham saw eight conditions necessary for the realization sighted are: lighting, and confrontation, density, and time, and moderate dimension, and the able-sized, middle and glassy, ​​and the safety of sight. What really admirable according to a researcher at the Arab Science Professor Mustafa Nazif, is: «that Ibn al-Haytham more than nine centuries before taking the order and its associated many issues, the lesson and explanation. I realize what those issues of gravity on the subject of vision, while those things remain neglected even after the rise of modern science in Europe, that the first half of the twentieth century solution, when it drew the attention of specialists in applied science. And they led their research that have gone in the modern scientific ways, to the emergence of a branch of modern engineering is the branch «Lighting engineering». And those discussed in optimal lighting engineering rules that ensure efficiency in the vision, as touched warfare purposes intended to mislead the opponent, like Lester movements and block sites ».

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