Contact lenses are adjustable

Embarked researcher of Indian origin in the United Kingdom on the development of an artificial lens adhesive adjustable, made of the same materials found in TV screens and smart phones, can improve vision in older people with a length of view and cataracts.

With age, the lens loses its flexibility and suppleness. This leads to a condition known as presbyopia presbyopia, is common for people elder than 45 years, and can require a visual aid, such as reading glasses.

Deevic Mestre, a graduate student in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds research, working with liquid crystal lens for making artificial adhesive adjustable. Said Mestre, “as we get older, the eye lens become solid, and when the muscles contract in the eyes less emphasis, he added,” the use of liquid crystals, which are used for making televisions and smartphones screens, lenses adjust and help to focus automatically, depending on the movement of the eye muscles. ” .

The use of these materials with a basis of liquid crystal, Mestre working to develop alternatives to artificial lens in the patient’s eye – which foretells a new generation of lenses and intraocular lenses cultivation to renew the horizon. The Mestre research and the development of lenses in the laboratory, and aims to form a model ready by the end of 2018. Within a decade, we could see a new lens grown through the surgery under local anesthesia fast.

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